Dog gone

No one likes to admit they’re wrong and this includes me. When I purchased my beautiful dog a little over a year ago, I had every intention of keeping up with her Schtuzhund tranining. She was bred to work, and her lineage was a fine testament to this very fact. Unfortuantely, with work, school, kids, cleaning, well, you get the picture, I had to have a real conversation with myself about priorities.

Now I am one of those people who views their four-legged beasts as children. She was part of the family, and to come to the realization that I had actually taken on more than I could handle when I bought her? Ludicrous! Ridiculous! Impossible! But it was the truth. My mom guilt was getting the better of me, and so, with a heavy heart, I sat myself down and weighed all of the pros and cons. Needless to say, it was a quick conversation because there were clearly so many reasons why I shouldn’t keep her.

With my mind made up, I sat down and began contacting all of the people I knew who could help me find her a home. Not just any old home. No, it had to be perfect. After several months of e-mails, phone calls, vet visits, success! A very good friend put me in contact with a woman who would become my dog’s new mom.

On March 31st, I bid farewell to my beautiful German Shepherd. She was donated to a Southern California agency where she will begin work as a search and rescue K9. The pefect job for her. With a pat on her head (and a tear in my eye), I waved good-bye to my sweet girl, who I know will put all her heart, boundless energy, and amazing skills into saving people. A job she was meant for.


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