Today was one of those days when I realized how patience is worth every sleepless, fussy, colicky, screaming, draining, hair-pulling, locking myself in the bathroom moment I ever had with my son. I’ll tell you why…

Monkey and I set out to exlpore. It was a beautiful day, and I was ready to enjoy it. We headed to Rancho San Antonio, which is an awesome preserve located near Los Altos and Mountain View. If you have never ventured out there with the kids, or even without, go! You will not be disappointed.

I decided we were not going to take a stroller or any other device which could carry the Monkey in case he became tired. I wanted to try making it on our own. Monkey has always enjoyed being pushed around in a ‘pack-pack’ since he was little, but I took a chance today, and braved going out to the farm with a bag for snacks, water, and Benadrly (yes! I’m one of those paranoid mothers!). Monkey is the kind of kid that decides when the time is right, and when he does, boy is it ever! I was hoping today was the day for walking.

Not only did Monkey walk, he ran, climbed, and generally threw himself about here and there. It was amazing! I was so very, very proud of him. We walked a total of two miles on mostly semi-flat terrain, and he never complained once. He didn’t want to be picked up, and when I did at one point, he asked to be put down. Monkey and I spotted wild turkeys, deer, lady bugs, a gopher making his home, and a countless number of other crittters; and all he wanted to do was hold my hand so he ‘didn’t get lost.’

What a wonderful day.


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