Yum, yum, dim sum!

When I lived in San Francisco I used to eat dim sum every weekend. I’d camp out in front of my fave dive and wait for the doors to open. Of course, along with all of those buns came the extra pounds, but it was so worth it. This past weekend some friends of ours got together at a Top 5 dim sum restaurant to hang out, order, and eat. It had been years since I last tasted some delicious har gow and wu gok. Just looking at this picture makes my mouth water!


8 thoughts on “Yum, yum, dim sum!

  1. Oh yum! When we lived in Melbourne we’d go out for “yum cha” which is the same thing, different name.Oh, man, I wish we could get good Asian, Oriental and the like food in the middle of the Bible Belt!


  2. Normally I would be jealous of anything SF-related, but I get some pretty decent dim sum here in Hong Kong. Oh, who am I kidding, the food rocks out here. But it does make me miss SF. Weird how these things work out.


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