Let this be a lesson to you all

Never, and I mean never, walk with your laptop while typing. It’s true what they say, accidents happen this way. Case in point, my bruised ankle (shown above if you didn’t know what that was) after doing the aforementioned and falling over on a pallet. Although it could be Ops out to get me for all of those *requests* I submit… And yes, I said pallet. That’s how they do!


12 thoughts on “Let this be a lesson to you all

  1. I’m trying to picture HOW you walk while typing! LOL Do you have your laptop around your neck a la the old cigarette girls of old?Now, SIT DOWN. πŸ™‚


  2. At least it didn’t happen while chewing gum, lol. That’s a whole differnet avenue. Hope it feels better soon!


  3. good thing i don’t use a laptop. i, personally, am generally kinda klutzy and would wind up in a full body cast…hmmm, but the laptop would be handy for the hospital bed, right?be careful!


  4. You are such a multi-tasker. Ouch, ouch, ouch! Taking care of kids, typing on the laptop, walking, and getting injured all at once. I’m in awe.


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