Love Thursday: 2/8/2007

I am so excited about writing my very first Love Thursday post. (Thank you crazedparent for bringing it to Maya’s Mom). I didn’t realize just how big Love Thursday was until I started reading blogs. I am just thrilled to contribute!

This morning was an especially tough one for us. Monkey had spent yesterday with my mother-in-law, and my husband ended up picking him up from her house after he returned home from work. So the Monks and I were only able to see each other for a few hours in the morning. Needless to say, he wasn’t happy about it, and today he let me know exactly how he felt.

Thursdays are one of the days we have preschool, and normally Monkey loves going to preschool. But as soon as we woke up, the drama started. “I don’t want to go to preschool!” “Why don’t you want to go to preschool?” “Because it’s not good for me.” Back and forth, back and forth. I was also snack parent today, and I had to make a stop at the grocery store before going to school, so I had to get up. Plus, we needed to be out of the house in less than two hours.

I could see how the day was going to go, but I kept my tempo upbeat, and tried to remain calm and level-headed (very hard to do with a few hours of sleep). We made it out the front door on time (total wow!), and in the car and on our way to the market. I complimented Monkey and told him how much I appreciated his timeliness. This was great, I thought to myself. This day may actually turn out to be a good one!

We made it in and out of the market without any major catastrophes. The Monkey and I made it to school on time, and with a few minutes to spare! We were doing great. Until, that is, we walked in the front door. At this point, I don’t even remember what started the crying. Oh, wait! Yes I do! I put an apron on. I’m snack mom, and snack mom’s wear aprons. This sent him over the edge. He had a complete meltdown, and I could feel my serenity floating away.

I know why he was being this way. I totally and completely understand where he is coming from. I work from home, you see, so that I can spend time with him, and so he can still see me and isn’t shipped off to someone he doesn’t know. It’s what we call, in our house, a compromise. But it’s hard for him, and me too, because he hasn’t really warmed up to it 100%. Even though we are working on it, it is still hard for him. So when he cried, I picked him up, and brought him into the kitchen where I held him, and then he hit me. Not hard, just a tap (a few of them, really) to let me know that he was upset, mad, and hurt. I knew. I didn’t need to ask. When I tried to comfort him, he yelled, “No MAMA NO!” pushed me away, and then wanted me back again. I am sure many of you know how this part goes.

Well, when it came time to either crying forever or going to the potty, the potty won. “I…have….to…go….shishi (our word for pee). NOOOOOWWW!” I lifted him up and brought him to the potty. Well, for those of you who have boys, you know that aim is key. I sat him down on his potty seat, and that THING was pointed straight at my head. So I gently asked the Monkey to point it downwards. Well, he didn’t. “NO!!” and out came the pee right for me. As soon as he could feel it was shooting upwards instead of downwards, he bent over, but that only made it worse because then it went all over him. Of course, this is the very day I didn’t bring any extra pants. So here I was, in the potty with the Monkey, who now had shishi all over his pants and who was screaming, “I….WA-NT….TOOOOO….GOOOO…HOOOOMMMEE.” No, Monkey, we are not going home. We are going to get you cleaned up, and take care of it. Normally, under these circumstances, I would have taken him home because I would have felt so defeated, and just tired. But today, I was not going to do that. I wanted to show him that even though life may absolutely, totally, beyond a shadow of any doubt what-so-ever suck that you can still come out on top.

But what was I going to do about his pants? I grabbed my phone and called my mother-in-law (thank goodness for her). She wasn’t home. Called the husband. Sorry, on my way to work. I cleaned up the Monkey, put on fresh underwear–at least he’d have something to wear–and brought him back into school. “Dakko (carry me) mama!” I knew he needed my love an attention, and I was not going to say “no.”

Thank goodness for the wonderful parents and teacher at the Monkey’s school. Without them, I would want to go home too. They chipped in and helped the Monkey and I. Eventually, my wonderful mother-in-law came over with some pants (he wouldn’t wear any of the ones the parents offered to us), and he promptly put them on, and was quite happy for the remainder of our day.

While I as preparing my snack, and getting everything ready for the kids, the Monkey came up behind me, hugged my butt, and said, “I love you Mama. So much!” Yup, it’s worth it.


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