Monkey: Yer de best, ever, ever. Who’s tummy did you come out of?
Me: Mimi’s.
Monkey: Who’s in Dada’s tummy?
Me: No one comes out of there.
Monkey: Who’s In Elmo’s tummy?
Me: Who do you think is in there?
Monkey: I dunno. Food?

Sounds good to me!

While eating a lovely dinner of Thai food the other night:
Monkey: Mama, is that SHRIMP?!
Me: Yes.
Monkey: Is it GOOD?!
Me: Yes. It’s delicious!
Monkey: What’s that?! (pointing to the shrimp)
Me: The meaty part.
Monkey: Are you eating its FACE?!
Me: Uh, no.
Monkey: You’re eating the FACE!!
Me: No, the face was…never mind.
Monkey: Is the FACE good?!

I am looking at becoming a vegetarian now.

Monkey while taking a bath:
I’m deep in some shallow water!


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