Monkey-isms 2007

1. How can you tell if two people love each other?
A. Hug. Huuuuuug! (Said in a high voice).

2. What is love?
A. He was eating peanuts when I asked him this, and he started to hum, “Hmmmmuuuu, huuuu.” And then he pursued his lips together and said, “Hmmmuuuu.” What? I asked. He swallowed and said, “Hug and kiss.” (This kid has a one track mind).

3. How do you decide who to marry?
A. People. Hug each other, and dance to each other, and get married. Carry each other. I’ll show you (and he wraps his arms around me). That’s how you get married.

4. Can you sing me a love song?
A. Love love me do, you know i love you, i’ll always be ture, so please e-e-e-ease, love me do, whoaaaaooo, love me do, someone to love, someone to love, love, love me to do, you know i love you, i’ll always be some true, i’ll always be true. the end. (Monkey, almost 3).

From Monkey-almost 3

Monkey wisdom: Love is out there, and if you give it to people it will come back to you.

Monkey: Mama?
Me: Yes?
Monkey: You got skills.

Monkey: What’s your name?
Kid: Mooollleeeyyyy.
Monkey: What? I don’t understand you.
Kid: Mawwwllleeeyyyy.
Monkey: I don’t understand what you’re saying. I’ll just call you “fish.”


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