Monkey Thoughts

Grandma: What happened to the dinosaurs?
Monkey: They millions of millions of years ago died.
Grandma: Yes, that’s right.
Monkey: Because Tyranosaur was grumpy grumpy grumpy!

Talking to Monkey on the cell phone:
Me: Where are you going?
Monkey: What?
Monkey: What?! Why are you talking so slow!
Me: So you can hear me.
Monkey: I can’t hear you and you’re talking to slow.

Where is the love?

Monkey: Mama, it’s Jane.
Me: Who?
Monkey: JANE!
Me: Who’s Jane? Am I being set-up here for some knock-knock joke?
Monkey: Ugh! Maammmm, Jannne Goodall.
Me: Oh.


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