More Monkey-isms

Sometime at around 12:45AM (no, we’re not up that late, he just work up)
Monkey: Jazeeesus!
Me: Monkey! We don’t say “Jesus.” Say “gee” or “geez” instead.
Monkey: I’m just concerned, Mama. That’s all.

Every night we have a routine. The Monkey and I will crawl into bed, we’ll read some books, Dada will put on a planetarium show, and then it’s lights out. At around 8:30PM-ish, and for the next 30 to 40 minutes, the Monk will ask me questions. He will grill me on what I know about combustion motors, and argue with me about the color of the P-52 Mustang. All of which I know nothing about.

After awhile, he will finally settle down, and snuggle in my arms. I will always say to him during the night, “I love you Monkey.” And he will reply, “I love you too Mama. I love you so, so much.” This is usually followed by, “Come here Mama. Gimme a big hug and a big kiss.” We will have this exchange a few times a night until one of us finally falls asleep.

At the end of the day, I know that he loves me and he knows that I love him. And I really hope that he falls asleep with a sense of joy and security.

Monkey: Mama, say you’re sorry for working so much.
Me: What?
Monkey: Say you’re sorry for working too much.
Me: OK. Monkey, I’m sorry I work so much. (Hugging).
Monkey: That’s OK Mama. I understand. It’s OK. (Comforting me).


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