More Monkey Moments

Monkey: What begins with “T?”
Me: Television.
Monkey: Nuhhoooo, people!
Me: Uhh, okay.

Monkey: Mama, (sweet voice) is this a special day?
Me: Every day is a special day.
Monkey: Can I have a special treat?

Monkey comes running out of his room (supposed to be sleeping) and into the living room where I’m sitting. He takes one look at me and says: What happened to your face? (He has a very concerned look about him).
Me: It’s my face mask!

Monkey: Uh-huh, yea, OK. So how was your day? Really? Well, I guess so.
Me: Umm, Monkey? Who are you talking to?
Monkey: The fork! (I didn’t realize he had the fork to his other ear).

Me: I need to turn the heater on.
Monkey: What?
Me: I said I need to turn the heater on because it’s cold.
Monkey: Oh! I thought you said I was your hero.

Monkey: Astronauts are in pancakes, and german cars are like oyster crackers.
Me: Uhh…umm…uhh…

I was hugging my son after he’d woken from a nap, and was patting his back when he said, “That’s enough out of you Mama.”

Oh the love!


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