Poor me day…

-Forgot to take out all of the drinks from the cooler last night.
-Woke up early this morning because the delivery people were coming by to pick up the rental stuff from the party.
-Go in the backyard and collect all of the freezing cold drinks, move them to another cooler.
-School starts at 9AM, the rental people are supposed to be here between 8-10AM.
-Couldn’t find the schedule for school. Was it a field trip day? Was I snack mom today? OH, MY, GAWD!
-Monkey is running around naked, stretching his penis and pulling it over his head, again.
-Changing cars–the carseat isn’t cooperating.
-Monkey is running up and down the street, the dog is barking at something, and I have a fever.
-Delivery people show up (thank you Buddah!), get in the car, go to Bucks, get a drink, make it to school…phew!
-Monkey cries all day at school.
-Leave, go to my doctor’s appointment, get the drugs for my virus, take them.
-Eat lunch.
-Pass out and don’t wake up until 4PM. OH, MY, GAWD!
-Called refrigerator company about our part, which hasn’t arrived yet. Our frig has not worked for the past week due to a broken fan. Come to find out, it won’t be here for another three more days, if that.
-We are eating out 3-6 times a day. No food in the house.
-Monkey is screaming crying, I feel like a horrible mom, I want to scream and cry.
-Taco Bell for dinner tonight. And maybe some brandy, too.


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