Preschool, preschool–jiggity jig! Our Momemt :-)

Well, I did it. Rather, I should say, he did it. My little Monkey let me leave him at school and not a single peep out of him. All I got was a, “OK Mom, see ya!” I was trying not to stress too much reminding myself that they feed off of our insecurities

“What time is Nana going to pick you up?”

“I know mom!” Totally exasperated at my one hundred and one questions, “11:30.”

“Right! And there are a lot of new faces here today, so let’s try and help the kids out.”


My cue to leave.

But just in case, I’m camping out at the Starbucks around the corner should I get that phone call. “Yes, Mrs. MonkeysMama?” “Uh-huh?” Screeching in the background, “Um, your son…?” “I can be there in three minutes flat.”

He’s still my little baby, ya know.


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