my life at babycenter [abridged version]

Its been almost five months since I left BabyCenter and I still think about her everyday. For those who’ve been lucky enough to work there you’ll know what I mean when I say they are like family.

The culture at BabyCenter was is undeniably AWESOME. And you don’t know just how special it is until you leave. Don’t get me wrong! I ain’t complaining about my FAB new job, and I don’t regret my choice to return to a start-up one bit, but my family at BabyCenter will always hold a special place in my heart. I mean, come on! How often do you get to work with people like Linda Murray who exemplifies exactly what BabyCenter is all about; and who can utter the words discharge and let-down without skipping a beat?! How often do you get to build cool products and features and collaborate with someone like Rebecca (aka Mamaholic) who built the BabyCenter community from its infancy and who really IS BabyCenter. Come on people! That’s her belly!

And, really, what other company let’s you AND your kid actually APPEAR on the homepage in front of millions of moms all over the world?!

Let’s not forget, shall we, all of the other brilliant peeps I had the pleasure of interacting with every day. From engineers to marketing to product to international, it was the most difficult for me to let these people go. My co-workers loved tolerated me like they would a 6-year old who never quite makes it to the potty in time.

From my weird exercise regimen during mid-conversation [squirrel!]…
To dietary issues…
And odd outfits…
Oh, and we can’t forget my unhealthy Android obsession…

They always stood by my side. They pushed me when I needed it, gave me chocolate when I wanted it, but didn’t exactly need it, and helped me grow in so many ways [sometimes in pounds]. I often think about my time at BabyCenter as the perfect marriage. We were the right balance. Always a gentle push and pull with some give and take.

We were as equitable as you can get.

Now I run around my new office in a yellow cape [not much has changed] and have found a great home with another group of wickedly awesome peeps. They tolerate my weird eating style, regular outbursts of cackling and left/right butt-cheek pain. But, that’s another blog post.


6 thoughts on “my life at babycenter [abridged version]

  1. It is funny how our paths are crossing again Shino, I am for one proud. BabyCenter has been in my life since 2002 and I couldn't imagine life without them. I would have loved though to share a cubicle with you so we could have shared our Android passion together :). I ❀ you Shino!


  2. You sure know how to have fun no matter where life takes you!!

    It was a blast meeting you at Type A! I hope we cross paths again!


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