IBOK’s 5th Annual Santa Photos with your Pet Event … oh, and me!

This is how the story goes.

I have a friend. We’ll call her Lisa for anonymity’s sake.

Lisa is one of those people who loves animals. Any kind. From kittens to dogs to raccoons she is always at the ready to help an animal in need. She’ll rescue any animal. In the middle of a busy intersection. During rush hour. Even if it has an owner.

Needless to say, she has a big heart.

And thanks to Lisa’s big heart, she strong-armed convinced me to rescue two older cats from an organization called IBOK (Itty Bitty Kitty Orphan Rescue). A rescue group shes been involved with for quite some time.

Mac Mac.

Monkey and I had contemplated adopting A cat, but we had no idea we’d end up with TWO cats. Mac Mac and Bridgey were raised together, though, so IBOK wanted to adopt them out to the same family. Made sense. So this is how Monkey and I came to be the owners of two beautiful cats: Mac Mac (a Siamese/Himalayan) and Bridgey (a Tortie).

Fast forward to May of 2011 and Lisa asks me to participate in IBOK’s 2011 Mewmorial. Seriously. Who can resist a combo of cats and cookies? Who, I ask. Who? Not I.

It was at this event where I not only participated as a baker, but I ate and bought a ton of tasty treats. Ate some more. Then took a few photos — in between cake bites — of their extremely cute cats looking for their forever homes. Yup. They have cats and kittens looking for their forever homes. YOUR home.

But back to my eating tasty treats.

Two kittens at the 2011 Mewmorial. See more pics.

Thanks to these photos I was able to take during the Mewmorial, IBOK asked me to be this year’s Santa photographer at their Fifth Annual Santa Photos with your Pet Event. I agreed to do this BEFORE I knew it was one of their biggest fundraisers of the year. Oh lord. What have I done.

But it’s okay. The nights waking up in a cold sweat dreaming of angry mobs of pet owners demanding retakes of their photos because the aperture is off…it’s all okay. Why? Because it’s for a dang good cause. A $15 donation will get you a CD that includes up to 10 fab, high-res photos. 100% of the proceeds go directly to IBOK and the City of Palo Alto Animal Services. At the same time, they’ll also be running their Holiday Bake Sale! Good eats for pets and the humans they bring. [Pssst! They need volunteers to bake nommy goods!]

I encourage you to come over with your pets and kids (sometimes they are one in the same) to have their photos taken by moi, purchase some home-baked treats made with love and any other goods at Pet Food Express (3910 Middlefield Road Palo Alto CA 94303). For those who visit us on December 10th from 12PM-4PM, you’ll also receive a 20% off coupon from Pet Food Express.

Make sure you share this with your friends and RSVP for the Fifth Annual Santa Photos with your Pet Event here!
And click here to RSVP for the Holiday Bake Sale!
Do the right thing. We’ll see you there!
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