skim, skim, skimble to my lou!

A typical day.

Here’s the thing. Between the months of, oh, October and February I am an EATING. MACHINE. I’m not sure if it’s because of the cold weather — although lately the weather has been unfreagginbelievable — but I go into hibernation-mode. This means I proceed to consume every single piece of food I can get my hands on. And yeah, I live in California where we’re currently experiencing 72 degree days…in January. And it doesn’t help the holidays fall right into this time period along with my birthday. It’s a down-right chocolate cake, cookie, turkey and ice cream gorge-fest.

Part of my problem is that I don’t like gyms. I don’t like working out, INside. Working out means you workOUT not IN. I’d rather run when it’s 32 degrees out with snot freezing to my upper lip than have to sit at a machine and fiddle with that thing that goes into that hole.

Delightful sustainable fish Station 1, Woodside.

During the months of March through September, it’s all good. I can run outside during the long, warm days and do my various workouts all in the name of maintaining good health in support of my love to eat.

Back to my point. This is really a two-part issue for me. Or maybe it’s a one-part issue but whatever. I tend to get lazy (all right, I said it! Lazy!) during the colder months, so I gain more weight as I maintain my warm-weather gorge level. Makes sense, right? Add in rice — the Asian person’s staple — with the lack of exercise and my back-end starts to bloat.

Pinned and ready for action.

I have yet another excuse good reason for my nonchalant, 2010 attitude. In October I had rotator cuff surgery, so that put me out of commission for a few weeks and needless to say, the downward momentum continued.

My doctor told me I had to eat as much chocolate as I could to help speed my recovery. Really. He did. Specifically 75% cacao. Roll all of this into my disdain for gyms and it ain’t purtty.

Suffice it to say, I have been on a lifelong mission to find some THING that keeps me active during the colder months. Something that compels me to get my sneakers on and start breaking a sweat. Not a food sweat, but one that involves burpees, cartwheels and the occasional pull-up. My THING used to be Crossfit but I haven’t found another one like the first one I joined back in 2005.

Enter 2012. No new year’s resolution, but I’m awake at the wee hours uncomfortably so since I’ve managed to consume another meal I couldn’t say no to. I started browsing women 2.0 articles and came upon a post about fitness, health and apps. What initially intrigued me was the fact that it was written by an Asian woman who talked about her experiences as a founder. That soon became an afterthought as I got hooked on her kick-in-the-ass company.

Gathering my lazy ass off the couch, I pulled out my iPad to begin a journey that since January 2nd has kept me engaged. I had found my THING: skimble.

It’s all about Cut And Chiseled, baby.

It’s a simple answer to a tough question: how do you bring health and wellness to a segment of the population that doesn’t have the time, access, means or all of the above in a way that encourages and motivates them to get healthy?

Answer: skimble offers extensive free workouts along with a pro plan for a $1.66/MO. Their workout trainer app breaks up the various types of programs so you can focus on, “Abs & Core,” “Butt & Legs,” or “How to make the best chocolate chip cookies, ever!” I threw that last one in there. Workouts can be done based on your pain tolerance ranging from casual to intense to “I feel like i’m going to throw up.” OK, I threw that in there, too.

CrossFit lovers, rejoice. They even have WODs!

There’s a whole bunch of other social stuff built into skimble, but I love the fact it is a down and dirty app that allows me to exercise whenever and however I want at no cost. Since signing-up for skimble, Monkey joins me doing his version of push-ups. That is, of course, when he’s not torturing me by putting our cat on my back whilst I’m doing plank, but that’s another story…


This post is in no way sponsored, paid for or endorsed by skimble. It was written by my desire to spread the word about an awesome app and to support good health for all!


2 thoughts on “skim, skim, skimble to my lou!

  1. Kristina, you'll really like it! Friend me if you join πŸ˜‰ And even if you don't do it all the time, it's a great supplemental workout, too! Hope you and the family are doing well!


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