lego upgrades launches!

Captain Rex.

And so it begins. Monkey has decided to launch his own site called Lego Upgrades. It’s all about his custom lego designs. Should be interesting. I’m not sure how long this will last, but let me tell you, he is already obsessed and asking far too many questions!

As part of his new endeavor, which he also wants to turn into some sort of e-commerce front, there are a few requirements.
1. All photos must be taken by him.
2. He must write his own posts.
3. He has still has to do his homework.

What I love about this idea is that it encourages him to share something he’s passionate about AND it helps with his reading and writing. Plus, I can relate to it. While I may not know anything about Count Dookoo (who?!) and clones, I do know a lil something about blogs.

Do your kids have a site? If so, link to them here so we can follow and tell us about ’em!


One thought on “lego upgrades launches!

  1. I love legos. I think they are one of the best toys ever for developing dexterity, spacial ability by following purely pictorial instructions, and creativity. Our daughter had all kinds of great lego sets. Then we gave Legos to our nephews until they got interested in other things. I’ve been thinking they need to have an adopt a kid to give legos to charity. It just does’t seem right not having kids around to give Legos to.


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