i love android

Anyone who knows me knows my love for all things Android. While the rest of the world is punching away at their iPhones demanding Siri hang up their phone calls, I am lovingly cradling my Ice Cream Sandwich. Oh, how I love thee, my Android!
Here, in the form of a few photos, is my favorite lil green guy. Enjoy!
People sometimes question my sanity. Fools.

They’re just jealous because I have an aNDROID who loves me.
What’s that? You want to know the time?
Android watch courtesy of Modify Watches out of Berkeley, CA.
friend and colleague had an Android cake made for my birthday last year.

Well, this is what’s left of him.
Thanks to Kathy’s Kreative Kake’s for doing an amazing job!

Monkey: Mooooommm….why do you love Android so much? You’re, like, the only one who does.
Mama: Because, Monkey, I love what Android stands for. Anyone, you, me, a 12 year old kid or 85 year old man can have an idea and simply create an Android app. It’s open source. I love that!
Monkey: Not cool, Mom. Not cool.

Where was I?

Even friends I haven’t seen in awhile think of me whenever an Android is near.
“Hi, monkeysmama!” captured by Sean.
My almost 90 year-old grandfather Androiding it up.
My HTC Android-chain.
Thank you, Jeni!
One evening, I made Monkey go to the Android building to behold all of its beauty.
He threatened to call security on me. Something about how I was embarrassing him.
Pfft. No one was even around!
No explanation necessito.
And then one day, a colleague from BabyCenter found out how much I love Android.
She introduced me to her boyfriend who works at this place:
I had…AN IN. My life changed. For. Ever.
Thank you, Kat!
For my Hack Day project, I bet it will shock you to know what I worked on.
Android a la Rasterbator.
To honor my obsession (or to tell me something) Modify Watches named a set after me.
I always knew I was worth a lot.
Of COURSE I bought it. Didn’t you?
Applesque packaging.
One day, an envelope arrived.
It was lumpy.
Lumpy with ANDROID delights!
Thanks again, Kat and E!
I gots mine for 2012.
You can, too.

Android as seen on TechCrunch.

Love your Android as much as I do? Share it with me.


3 thoughts on “i love android

  1. The Mac is good, but I do question your sanity with all things android. As a programmer, I’ve been stung by Google too many times. I’ve used android, and I still prefer Apple, despite all their proprieties (it’s still based on BSD), and I run Linux servers. I’ve been a Linux user since 1997.


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