Jardin du Luxembourg

Looking at Joy’s Paris pics, I’m reminded that I should post mine, too. These are great!

joy loves travel

Where better than the Jardin du Luxembourg on a hot, sunny Sunday afternoon? For us it was the most perfect way to escape the city without actually having to leave.

This is one of Paris’ most popular parks, forming a southern boundary to St Germain and the Latin Quarter. The Sorbonne University is nearby, what a fabulous place to come and relax after lectures. It is also a popular haunt of chic Montparnasse residents and their offspring who make use of the many children’s attractions. This was the sight that met us when we arrived.

09.10 - 05 - Jardin du Luxembourg

Sunbathers as far as the eye could see – far from the peaceful retreat I had envisioned. We did find other areas much less crowded than this however, so don’t let it put you off!  It wasn’t all about soaking up the sun – we found numerous boules games in progress, joggers running along the shady paths…

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