Sex on the Social Media Police Beat

Change is difficult. Change for the greater good? Much easier. Never-the-less motivations are questioned especially when law enforcement is the catalyst.

Way to be brave, PDPG. Human trafficking is no joke >>

Walking the Social Media Beat


An announcement this week from the Prince George’s County Police sent some of the social media world into a bit of a tailspin. The PRPD plans on live tweeting a prostitution sting operation.  In their release they say;

 “The PGPD’s Vice Unit will conduct a prostitution sting that targets those soliciting prostitutes and we’ll tweet it out as it happens.”

I read the release and the quote above and I can clearly see that the target of the sting will be the johns and hopefully the dirt bags that live off the work of the prostitutes. Maybe they will get lucky and grab a lowlife that lives in the world of human trafficking. Yes ladies and gentlemen for those of you who didn’t know, human trafficking, forcible confinement, living off the avails of prostitution, sexual assault, drug trafficking are all crimes that result from prostitution. Very few police departments anymore…

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