Artemis is building a 4G network in SF to prove its pCell tech works

Looking forward to seeing this tech tested at Levi’s Stadium.


For the last year WebTV creator Steve Perlman has been trying to convince a skeptical wireless industry that his most recent startup Artemis Networks has developed an LTE technology that solves the mobile data capacity crunch, and now he aims to prove it. Artemis is building a network using its pCell LTE technology that will cover most of San Francisco using Dish Network’s spectrum.

Steve Perlman Steve Perlman

Dish is leasing the PCS spectrum it acquired at auction last year to Artemis so it can install its transmitters on San Francisco rooftops by wireless ISP Webpass. Once it’s complete, which according to Perlman could be a soon as this fall, it will sell unlimited 4G data and voice-over-LTE plans to consumers via a SIM card that they can plug into any iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as well as select Android handsets.

Artemis’s ultimate goal though isn’t to become a full-fledged…

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IACP 2014 Wrap-Up

Uh, it was awesome.

I met some folks I’ve only known virtually, but whose work I admire fully.

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 12.00.54 PM

Boise and Arlington Police Departments represented above along with us locals from Palo Alto and good ol’ Mountain View!

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 12.03.37 PM

Chief dropped by and we, of course, had to take a photo. And I finally got to meet Tim Burrows, retired Toronto PD Sergeant and all-around swell dude changing the face of law enforcement social media.

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 12.03.19 PM

Icing on the cake? I was able to meet Michele Leonhard who is the Director of the DEA. While I know their stance on several areas is unpopular with some folks, I appreciated meeting a woman who holds such a high ranking position within the U.S. Government. It was fascinating to hear her story and how she tried to get into the Los Angeles Police Department back in the day.

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 12.11.24 PM

Here’s to hoping I get to go attend in 2015!

Rolling In Truckee

This past week, I had the pleasure of attending the Central Sierra Police Chief’s Association workshop in Truckee, CA to give a talk on digital media during their executive workshop. It was an amazing experience that I’m looking forward to replicating at the IACP Conference in October and again in January for the Alameda Chief’s Association. Good times spreading the digital media wurd.