Buvette des Marionnettes. 6eme Crepe.



skim, skim, skimble to my lou!

A typical day.

Here’s the thing. Between the months of, oh, October and February I am an EATING. MACHINE. I’m not sure if it’s because of the cold weather — although lately the weather has been unfreagginbelievable — but I go into hibernation-mode. This means I proceed to consume every single piece of food I can get my hands on. And yeah, I live in California where we’re currently experiencing 72 degree days…in January. And it doesn’t help the holidays fall right into this time period along with my birthday. It’s a down-right chocolate cake, cookie, turkey and ice cream gorge-fest.

Part of my problem is that I don’t like gyms. I don’t like working out, INside. Working out means you workOUT not IN. I’d rather run when it’s 32 degrees out with snot freezing to my upper lip than have to sit at a machine and fiddle with that thing that goes into that hole.

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i love pho

Whenever I commute into work on the 101, I’m always see something funny, odd or just outright disturbing. Whether it’s in the form of my parallel lane partner picking his nose with his fist or the dog who’s trying to lunge at me through a closed window (I swear I was not provoking it) my ride north is never dull.

My commute the other morning was nothing less than entertaining. But it was a license plate that caught my attention that day. Not only was it on a beautifully crafted piece of German engineering, but it was paying homage to perhaps one of the finest foods ever: pho. Who doesn’t love them some proper pho? Who? I ask, who? [said in my best Russell Peters Looz Wooton voice]. You’ve GOTS to love you some pho, yo.

Yum, yum, dim sum!

When I lived in San Francisco I used to eat dim sum every weekend. I’d camp out in front of my fave dive and wait for the doors to open. Of course, along with all of those buns came the extra pounds, but it was so worth it. This past weekend some friends of ours got together at a Top 5 dim sum restaurant to hang out, order, and eat. It had been years since I last tasted some delicious har gow and wu gok. Just looking at this picture makes my mouth water!